Pick 'em Online Video Poker

Realtime Gaming, a leading online gaming software provider, has given online video poker enthusiasts a chance to win without making an effort, applying skills or developing clever strategies. Based on the traditional Five-Card-Stud Poker game, that became popular during the American Civil war among soldiers on both sides, Pick ’Em Poker is probably the easiest instant-win video poker game around and an Excellent Slots choice.

Pick ’N Play

After a player makes an initial wager and clicks ‘Draw Deal,’ the game deals out two single cards to the left and then two piles of cards of three cards each. The player only sees the top card of each pile. The player should then study the two singles, which cannot be discarded, and pick one of the two piles. The pile not selected is discarded, while the other spreads out revealing the cards previously hidden to the player. These cards make up the player’s 5-card hand. The winning hands from highest to lowest in rank are: 9s or Better, a Two Pair, Three-of-a-Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four-of-a-Kind, Straight Flush, and a Royal Flush.

Statistically speaking, the game would be challenging to win, however RTG has leveled the playing fields by making the highest winning hand a 9s or Better as opposed to Jacks. Moreover, a Royal Flush, which is the highest ranked hand, pays out 6000 coins on a maximum 5 coin bet as opposed to the standard 4000 coins. Also, Pick ’Em Poker offers a long-term payout of 99.95%, which is better than Jacks or Better. Playing more coins also increases the payouts on winning hands.

Double ’Em

If a player has managed to land one of the above winning hands, they are automatically offered a chance at the Double-or-Nothing bonus round. They can click ‘yes’ and risk it all by trying to double their winnings, or pass up the opportunity and keep playing rounds or cash out. By accepting the bonus round, the Dealer’s card is shown face-up. The player needs to choose one of four face-down cards, by clicking ‘Draw Deal,’ and to hold thumbs that their choice beats the Dealer’s card. The process can be repeated until the player quits while ahead, or loses. The game is kept clean and simple by the absence of wild cards, multi-hand playing options, and redraws. What’s left is an exciting a new version of video poker that players will appreciate and enjoy.