Spirit of the Inca Online Slots

The Spirit of the Inca online slots game is a 5 reel online video slot with 25 paylines and much more in store for those who play it. The game has a great look, a lot of features, and five amazing progressive jackpots! The Spirit of the Inca is a game with a look to it that captures the player’s full attention right away and it keeps them excited the whole time they play it.

In the background of the slots game players will see the Incan City of Machu Picchu. The edges of the reels have edging which is made up of a gorgeous golden brick pattern. Along the top portion of the game players will notice the progressive jackpot counters. These counters let the players know how big the jackpots are in real-time. The symbols in the game include bone jewelry, ceramics, beads, flowers, scrolls, treasures, bracelets, Incan Spirit designs, Machu Picchu, jade lions, the Priestess, the Incan spirit, and more.

The Spirit of Inca slots game has a number of spectacular special features available for players to enjoy when they play. One of these special features is the wild symbol and it is the Incan spirit symbol. When it comes up on the reels it will take the place of others when doing so means a win. This wild is also an expanding wild which further increases the player’s chances to receive more wins when it shows up. The game also has a scatter symbol and it is the Priestess. The fact that this online slots game has five possible progressive jackpots to offer is one more of the many reasons it has become so popular with so many online slots players.

The Spirit of the Inca is an affordable slots game which can be played for as small of an amount as just .50 or for as large of an amount as 5.00. This online slots game has the flexibility many players like to see in a game they choose to spend a lot of time on and the five progressive jackpots shouldn’t be overlooked. This Spirit of the Inca slots review should let players know that this is definitely a game worth giving a try.