Spamalot Online Slots

The Spamalot online slots game is an entertaining slots game with 5 reels, 20 paylines, and features that help to set it apart from other slots. This game comes with four bonus rounds which offer players added chances for fun and more wins. It also has special features, great graphics, and offers players on different sized budgets the chance to enjoy a great game. The game even has a user friendly interface which makes it a good choice for anyone new to the online slots.

The Spamalot Slots game has graphics that make it extra fun to play and characters on the reels that give the game a big personality. On the reels players will see symbols which include the characters from the movie and the musical. These symbols include the Lady of the Lake, Sir Galahad, Sir Lancelot, Sir Robin, and King Arthur. There are also high ranking card symbols which have designs that go with the look of the game, and others.

The Holy Grail symbol itself is the games wild symbol and it brings more wins by replacing other symbols. The four bonus rounds the game has to offer include the Killer Rabbit, the None Shall Pass, the Storm the Castle, and the Knights Who Say Ni bonus. When players get three scatters they get to go to the free spins feature which offers them many chances for free wins. After every spin, there will be one to five wilds distributed on the reels. When the player is in the free spins round they will have the chance to gain entry to the exciting jackpot game, all they have to do is to get five of the jackpot symbols.

Spamalot Slots is an online slots game that meets the needs of many different budgets and it can be enjoyed for as little of an amount as just .01 and for as much as 5.00 per payline. The wild symbols in the game come up a lot in this game which helps players see a good amount of wins. Plus, the bonus rounds bring even more opportunities and chances for more excitement. This is a great choice for players who like a lot of action. This Spamalot Slots review should leave players feeling as if they need to try this slots game.