Santastic Online Slots

The Santastic online slots game has a unique design to it with its 3 reels and five paylines. The whole look of the slots game makes it a real treat for those who choose to play it. Something many players like about the Santastic Slots game is it offers them the chance to win a progressive jackpot. The background of the Santastic Slots game makes for the perfect setting for all the cheery symbols which make their way around the reels.

One of the things players want to realize about the Santastic Slots game is it is a good choice for those looking for a more affordable slots game to play. The game can be played for as small of an amount as just .10 and for as much as 5.00 per spin. This smaller amount is good for those with smaller budgets, but also for new players who are looking for a smaller denomination slots game to begin with.

Even though the Santastic Slots game has a more simple design to it with its 3 reels, it is still full of special features and this is just one more thing that has helped it to become quite popular with players. The game has two wild symbols and they come in the form of the double and the triple symbols. There is also a jackpot symbol and getting three of them on an active payline wins the progressive jackpot! The bonus feature gets activated when the player gets a three of a kind, with the exception of the jackpot.

The symbols in the game add a lot to it and really help to pull the whole theme and storyline together. These symbols include Santa himself, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Christmas treats, candy canes, teddy bears, snowmen, and more. Another thing player like about this particular slots game is it happens to spin fast and this lets them get right to the point and see what great rewards and prizes they have won. Anyone who reads this Santastic Slots Review will want to make sure they give this impressive, yet user friendly online slots game a try so they can see for themselves just how great it is.