Top Trumps Celebs Online Scratch Card

Have you always dreamed of walking down the red carpet? Would you like to have a taste of what Hollywood life is really like? If so, Playtech’s Top Trumps Celebs scratch card is definitely for you. While it can’t take you to Hollywood, it can bring Hollywood to you – and a little bit of its wealth, if you’re lucky!

Gameplay Overview

Excellent Slots allows you to match your favorite stars in this Hollywood-themed scratch card where celebrities like Madonna, George Clooney, Nicholas Cage, Christina Aguilera and Brad Pitt bring you amazing prizes. Based on the hugely popular slot game of the same name, the scratch card features a simple and fun gameplay bound to keep you entertained for hours. With a betting range between $0.50 and $10 per card, this scratchie provides affordable gaming all while enticing players with a maximum jackpot of $100,000. Such a prize is well worth a stroll down the red carpet – and all you have to do is to match the prize symbol to any of the 6 symbols on your scratch card. That’s 6 chances to win in one card – and any celebrity could be the bearer of good news in this game!

Beautiful graphics, a glamorous design and a musical background worthy of the theme add to the fun concept of the game and create a gaming experience that will have you playing over and over again. But never fear, there is an Autoplay option that allows you to sit back and relax while the game is being played for you. You can also choose between scratching off the panels manually one by one or scratching them all at once by clicking the Scratch All button. So don’t hesitate to mingle with the stars, and you might just win prizes that can take you one step closer to their luxurious world. And if celebrities are not your thing, check out the scratch card reviews at Excellent Slots and you’re bound to find the perfect game, along with the perfect bonus!