Tiger Mahjong Online Scratch Card

This NeoGames scratch card puts a new spin on the relaxing Mahjong game, which involves matching Chinese symbols. The only difference is that you get to scratch off the symbols and that every match can bring you instant winnings. With a maximum jackpot of $200,000 and the opportunity to play up to 3 lines per card, Tiger Mahjong could bring you a real treat – and don’t forget to browse through Excellent Slots before you start.

Gameplay Overview

Tiger Mahjong takes you to a mystical world of legend, with majestic tigers and Asian symbols to match. You are bound to enjoy the relaxing gameplay and soft animation effects of this scratch card, with a red and gold theme reminiscent of Chinese imperial glory. The object of the game is to match two symbols on every line. To add to the challenge, you can only pick two stones to turn on every line. If you manage to make a match, you will win the multiplier corresponding to the symbol you have matched. This is where your chance to win big lies – multipliers in this game range from 2 to a whopping 10,000.

Moreover, Tiger Mahjong offers a bonus multiplier to add to the excitement: every line features a bonus symbol that is revealed as soon as you make a match. If the bonus symbol is a flower, your winnings for that line will be doubled. Whether you like high stakes or low risk in your gaming, Tiger Mahjong is sure to suit you, with an excellent betting range between $0.25 and $20. This means that turning the tiles in this game can win you up to $200,000.

If you’d like to speed up the game, you can use the “Scratch All” option or press the space bar in order to turn all the stones in the game. Alternatively, you can select the Autoplay mode to have the scratch card played for you for as many games as you wish, with the option to stop when you reach a certain balance. Give Tiger Mahjong a try for an exquisite scratch card experience, or keep browsing at Excellent Slots to find the best games on the market!