Road Racing Online Scratch Card

With so many sports-themed scratch cards available, racing fans are not left out. This NeoGames scratch card calls all car enthusiasts to a car-matching frenzy with amazing prizes at stake. Are you a passionate driver? Do you know your cars, whether vintage or modern? Then you’re sure to enjoy the gorgeous graphics and exciting gameplay of Road Racing.

Gameplay Overview

If you’re itching to be on the road again, Road Racing will take you there! This beautifully designed scratch card places you behind the wheel and presents you with four pairs of gorgeous cars to match. You can choose the number of pairs you’d like to play and you can bet anywhere between $0.25 and $10 on a pair.

Once you start scratching, you’ll reveal beautifully rendered Bugattis, Chevrolets, Aston Martins and many others. You can get one step closer to buying the car of your dreams if you reveal matching cars in any of the pairs – the prize displayed at the bottom of the pair will be yours! With a $10 original bet, you stand to win as much as $100,000. So what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite car and it might just become a reality! How you play the game is up to you: you can either scratch off the pairs one by one, or you can speed up the race by clicking “Scratch All”. Moreover, you can also select Autoplay and choose your bet and number of games – then simply sit back and watch your winnings grow. The “Total Bets” and “Total Wins” boxes allow you to keep track of your account.

Drive on full throttle and chase that jackpot to the finish line! Give this NeoGames hit a try and you won’t be disappointed – and the bonuses at Excellent Slots will give you a head start on the race! Finally, if you’re looking to try a different scratch card, browse through the Excellent Slots reviews and you’re sure to find your match.