Namaste Online Scratch Card

Forget where you are and visit a world of wonder: set against the backdrop of Taj Mahal, Namaste will open you the gates to the beauty of the Orient. “Namaste” is the most respectful Indian form of hello and a fitting title for a game that gently welcomes you into an exotic world. This NeoGames creation blends a scratch card gameplay with the vintage charm of slot machines, and while both themes have little to do with Indian culture, the stunning graphic design and eye-catching details create a convincing illusion bound to have you spinning the reels over and over again.

Theme and Symbols

With Namaste, your dream vacation is only one click away – and the generous prizes in this game might take you one step closer to the Taj Mahal! You’ll find yourself in front of the majestic mausoleum, faced with three slot machines styled with colorful Oriental tiles and filigree. The machines are numbered and prizes are displayed at the top. Excellent sound and animation effects will take you right to the heart of India: watch an animated bird fly past and a golden model of the Taj Mahal appear whenever you win. In line with the theme of the game, symbols in Namaste range from yogis to lotus flowers and oriental symbols, as well as more generic bells and cherries.

Gameplay Overview

Like its title suggests, Namaste welcomes everyone with its wide betting range from $0.25 to $20. Moreover, you can choose to play as many of the three slot machines as you wish. As soon as you click “Spin”, your chosen reels will spin to reveal the symbols – and just like in traditional slot games, you win whenever you get three matching symbols. When the reels have stopped spinning, the prize amounts at the top of the machines will be scratched off with a coin as an additional scratch card element. And if the seamless blend of slots and scratch card gaming was not enough to convince you, Namaste offers you a massive top jackpot of $200,000. Start your voyage to an exotic world today and get a welcome bonus from Excellent Slots to help you on the way: you might return from your travels as a Maharaja!