Love Match Online Scratch Card

Whether or not you are romantically inclined, you are sure to have a good time with Playtech’s Love Match scratch card. Among flowers, hearts, teddies and love letters, all you need is a prize and the happy-ever-after ending is yours! You can take a chance at a jackpot as high as $100,000 – because if money can’t buy love, they can definitely get you many other things.

Gameplay and Features

In the scratch card tradition of affordable fun, Love Match allows you to bet $0.5, $1, $2, $5 or $10 per game. The larger the original bet amount, the bigger the potential payout. While a $10 card can win you as much as $100,000, the actual prize amount will vary and can be revealed by scratching off the Prize panel at the top of the game window. The game can take you to heaven in the blink of an eye – just like love. Two angels stand guard over the game window, while hearts, clouds and warm colors will put you in a sweet mood. Scratch off the hearts to reveal more love-related symbols, such as roses, balloons, teddy bears, champagne bottles, chocolate cakes and cherubs. If you’re in a Valentine’s mood or just feeling romantic, this scratch card is bound to make you smile.

If you match three cherubs either in a row, in a column or diagonally, it means that Cupid is on your side and you’ll get to take home the prize. You can either scratch off the 9 hearts one by one or click Scratch All to avoid holding your breath for the outcome. Once you’ve made a match, your winnings will flash upon the screen. Like other Playtech scratchies, Love Match also offers you an Autoplay feature so that you can relax for any number of games and watch the prizes pile up.

Don’t be afraid to fall head over heels in love with this charming scratch card. Play now and even if you don’t win anybody’s heart, you might win an excellent jackpot! And if romance is not your cup or tea, there are plenty of other scratch cards reviewed at Excellent Slots, as well as amazing bonuses to motivate you.