Kong Online Scratch Card

Are you ready to claim the title of King of the Jungle – and a jackpot worthy of the king? Based on the 2005 King Kong movie, this easy and fun scratch card provides plenty of entertainment and terrific prizes. Get ready to conquer the jungle with the welcome bonuses offered by Excellent Slots.

Gameplay Overview

The King of the Jungle welcomes all in this game with possible bet amounts of $0.50, $1, $2, $5 and $10. And if you’re worthy of a king’s treasures, the jackpot of $100,000 could be yours! All you have to do is hit play and start scratching your way through the jungle. Don’t forget that if you’re not feeling very lucky, you can shuffle the pack three times before settling on a card. The gameplay is simple and fun: you need to match the Prize symbol in the centre to any of the 6 symbols on the right-hand side of the game window. You can scratch the prize and the symbols in any order, while the Scratch All button allows you to reveal them all at once. You need to scratch off the Prize in order to find out the amount you stand to win if King Kong is on your side.

The game has an impressive design with its jungle-themed graphics and color scheme and a rather ominous King Kong standing guard over your efforts to win. Behind the scratch panels you’ll discover dinosaurs, the Kong logo, and characters from the movie, such as Anna Darrow, Jack Driscoll and Captain Engelhorn. With a compelling theme and high stakes, the game is bound to take you on the adventure of a lifetime. The real charm of Kong Scratch lies in its simplicity – and if effortless fun is what you’re looking for, simply press Autoplay and let the game play out for as long as you wish. You can quit this feature at any time by pressing the stop button. Will you be a winner in this gripping jungle adventure? Find out today – Excellent Slots is here to help you!