Hot Dice Online Scratch Card

The flaming dice are a fitting metaphor for this game, as this scratch card is one of the hottest on the market! With great payouts and special features to keep you entertained, Hot Dice is one of Real Time Gaming’s most popular creations. Don’t be afraid to start the fire and you might just end up winning the jackpot. The Excellent Slots reviews and bonuses are here to show you the way!

Gameplay Overview

With 5 pairs of dice to scratch off, Hot Dice features a simple, yet compelling gameplay. You can either scratch each pair manually or you can use the Scratch All button to reveal all of them at once. If you’re lucky, you can win any of the prizes displayed under the dice as multipliers of the original bet. In order to win, one of the pairs of dice has to add up to either 7 or 11. However, this innovative scratch card offers you more than one way to win. If you reveal a Chip symbol, you will become the lucky winner of all the prizes on the card!

Hot Dice offers a wide range of payouts to keep you on the edge of your seat. They range from Free Games and Even Money to multipliers of 2X, 4X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 40X and 100X. Moreover, there is an excellent top fixed jackpot of 2000X. So if you’re not afraid of fire, you might just strike it lucky with this game!

To add to the fun, the game also features a random progressive jackpot that can be won with each card regardless of its outcome. With a fresh theme blending two elements of great fascination and danger – dice and fire, luck and passion – Hot Dice is bound to lure you into its world of exciting scratch-off action. Instant rewards, excellent payouts and a gripping gameplay make Hot Dice as hot as can be – so don’t miss your chance! Play now and you might just burn your way to the jackpot.