Crazy Ball Online Scratch Card

Crazy Ball combines the excitement of bowling with the instant winnings of the traditional scratch-off ticket. Prepare to make your best throw and you might just hit the jackpot! With exciting 3D animation and sound effects coupled with a flawless gameplay, NeoGames offers sports enthusiasts a winner: you’ll be crazy about Crazy Ball in no time.

Gameplay Overview

The aim of the game is simple: beat the Champion’s score, a random score at the top of the card that you can scratch off at the start of the game. There are three bowling lanes on every card – three chances to win. Click on the colorful balls to roll them, and watch the pins crumble! Each lane will give you a different prize that can be scratched off at any point during the game.

Crazy Ball allows you to bet anywhere between $0.25 and $10 per card – and with the maximum bet, you stand to win as much as $10,000! That’s a jackpot worth shooting for – all you need is to toss the balls and if your score is higher than the Champion’s score, the prize will be yours. Excellent graphics complete the experience and take you straight to the bowling alley, with friends cheering you on and high adrenaline levels. There’s not much scratching involved in this game – but the instant winnings and the compelling gameplay are bound to keep you tossing ball after ball!

And if that wasn’t enough, Crazy Ball also offers you different ways to play: you can roll the balls individually or all at once by clicking on “Scratch All”, or you can select “Autoplay” and watch the winnings pile up while you get on with other things. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a casual player, this game has something for you. Don’t hesitate to give Crazy Ball a shot – or browse through the many other sports scratch card reviews at Excellent Slots! And before you start tossing balls down the lane, don’t forget to get yourself a welcome bonus.