Candy Tale Online Scratch Card

This mouth-watering NeoGames scratch card will leave you craving for more as you scratch your way through chocolate bars, lollipops, gummy bears and sugar hearts. You’re bound to get a sugar rush while playing for a prize as high as $200,000!

Gameplay Overview

The game starts like a fairy tale: you find yourself in an enchanted forest, next to a gingerbread house coated with colorful sweets. But there’s no wicked witch this time – only more and more candy as you start scratching the delicious chocolate panel with multipliers written on fruit-flavored hearts.

In order to win, you need to match three symbols in a line – either lollipops or gummy bears. If you reveal three matching candies in a row or column, you will win your original bet amount multiplied by the figure displayed in the candy heart corresponding to that row or column; but if you happen to match the candies diagonally, you stand to win a prize in the tens of thousands! Moreover, there is an additional multiplier to scratch off at the bottom of the card, which will be added to your winnings. The game features generous multipliers ranging from 2 to a whopping 10,000. Depending on how much you bet, you could be leaving the game with much more than a craving for chocolate!

Candy Tale features a generous betting range between $0.50 and $20, with a maximum win of $200,000 for a $20 card. With nine symbols on every card, the game offers you plenty of opportunities to win, so why not give in to the sweet temptation? If you just can’t wait, you can use “Scratch All” to reveal all the symbols at once and find out if you’ve won. You can also use Autoplay to sit back and relax while the chocolate panel is being scratched for you and winnings pile up in your account. If sugar treats are your thing, don’t hesitate to go exploring the brightly colored candy world of this charming scratch card. And if you’d like to play a different game, you can read about tens of scratch cards at Excellent Slots, and get yourself a hefty starting bonus too!