Online Roulette Reviews

The excitement that revolves around a Roulette table is almost as evident as the white ball itself revolving around the reel. You’ll see some of the most intently engaged players at a casino standing around the Roulette table, and only Craps rivals its table game popularity. Due to the incredible level of software quality the online gaming industry has achieved, this game has been included in nearly every online casino out there, and players have revered it as one of the most realistic virtual experiences available in terms of animation, sound effects, and house edge.

How It Works

The game is played with players placing chips around the felt of a table with different betting areas representing different pockets of the reel. Betting areas have distinct odds payouts in relation to the likelihood of the ball landing in those pockets. For example, you can bet on one, two, three, or four numbers with a single stack of chips. This is guessing that the ball will land on those specific numbers, so the game is pretty much based on luck. You can have a one out of 35 chance of winning, or a 50/50 chance. The payouts will be determined based on how likely the bet is. The less likely the bet, the higher the payout, although the least amount you can win is double your money, which is nothing to scoff at!

The Excitement

The sound of the game and the way it’s set up makes it one of the most exciting options out there. The suspense and anticipation of where the ball lands on that reel, what pocket it ends up making its home and deciding who wins and how much can get even the calmest player jumping up and down. When the ball is first thrown in, it’s whipping around the reel at a blinding pace. As it slows, it starts hitting different pockets as if it’s choosing which one it likes. It’s a nail biting experience that’s unmissable for those who love the excitement of betting.


The game is based pretty much entirely on luck. Some of the strategies you can find online involve watching how the Dealer throws the ball around the reel and to take note of a pattern to better guess where the ball is going to stop. However, in the virtual world of online casinos, the ball lands based on a set algorithm to give players and the house the fairest chance possible. This means that the strategies are based on where and when you place your bets. People utilize things called “Progressive Betting Systems,” wherein the bet is increased based on whether it’s won or lost. You either increase your bet each time you win so that you’re only betting with winnings, which is known as Positive Progression, or increase your bet each time you lose so that you cover your loses, which is known as Negative Progression. Other strategies are out there, most of which are a combination of the two progressive systems.

Different Variations

There are a handful of different Roulette variations. American has an extra green 0 pocket in relation to its European and French counterparts, both of which have subtle differences between each other. Those three can be found at land-based casinos, but the online betting world opens up some exciting new prospects, like multi-reel roulette, where you can win off of multiple reels at once on the same bet and increase your chances of winning, and multi-ball roulette, which has advantages all its own.

Why It’s Preferred

The mix of high roller and low roller options makes it more attractive to many players than the limiting card games like Blackjack. One of the approaches many players tend to lean towards is spreading their chips around the table randomly or based on past luck, or they keep betting on the same spots over and over, the most common being the Black and Red or the Odd and Even areas. If this setup and gameplay style appeals to your style of play, then this game can very easily be for you, and very easily found at the best online casinos out there. We have the links to those, and the bonus codes to get you way more money when making deposits.