Excellent Slots – The Weekly Horoscope

It is common knowledge that casino games (in particular slots and roulette) are heavily affected by luck. A huge number of casino players all over the world shows great respect for Lady Luck and attribute crucial importance to rituals, formulas, etc.

Among the most common habits, casino players (and not only them) show particular interest in stars and astral conjunctions and they believe that their fate can be revealed by celestial bodies’ observation. There is actually quite a widespread belief that each of us, depending on the day, month and year of birth, is subjected to a special astral influence. For this reason, horoscopes are checked by millions of people every day. In particular, in the internet era, a simple click is enough to get to the astral opinion of a myriad of sources.

Without forgetting that casino gaming should be considered as a light moment of leisure and that there is no astral prediction whose fulfilment is sure, Excellent Slots decided to offer to its players a nice horoscope prediction made by one of the most prestigious and fascinating astrologist of our times, Glinda Zoltar. Glinda Zoltar is an international professional tarot reader with over 30 years of experience in following the stars! Currently she is living in Shanghai, China where she has spent the last decade studying Chinese Astrology.

With the help of our Casino Astrologist, we will offer our readers a weekly horoscope divided by zodiac signs. We are deeply convinced that a small dose of magic cannot hurt anybody; on the contrary it might be a nice form of entertainment, if taken with the due dose of humor. It is a way to smile together and to hope that favorable predictions will come true! At the same time, and always recommending moderation, we will suggest you one lucky number and one lucky game on a weekly basis. Maybe it will be easier for you to win with the help of the stars?

Good luck!