Online Craps Reviews

Craps goes much deeper than a simple dice game, as most of the possible combinations and outcomes of the throw can be bet upon, and the throws also determine the forward progression of the game. There’s a thrower who tosses the dice so that they hit off of the back wall and fall where they may, and everyone standing around the table places bets based on how they think the dice will land. In the world of online casinos, the thrower is computer generated, and you are always one of the players placing bets. Read on to find out what the throw of the dice can mean, and where you can place your bets to walk away a winner.

Its Evolution

With Slots, there were barrels with a pull level at its earliest stage, and the options today are not much different, just computerized. A Roulette wheel was invented and used for bet placements in some of the oldest casinos known, and, similarly, it looks pretty much the same today. Craps, on the other hand, started with people throwing dice against a wall, either on a sidewalk, in the privacy of an alley, or among friends at home. It has such a distant history, its exact origins are unknown, and probably will never be made evident. It wasn’t until World War II that it reached international acclaim, and it wasn’t until the inception of the casino that the table we are familiar with today was conceived. It brought this little game off the streets and made it into one of the most familiar and popular casino games in the world.

When the Button Is “Off”

The game begins and people place their bets when the button, or the round disc on the felt, is flipped to its black “Off” side. During this portion of the gameplay, people can place their initial bets and potentially win or lose based on the “Come Out Roll,” or the first roll made by the thrower. Players normally will place bets in the “Pass Line,” even payout area. If the first dice throw is a seven or an 11, you just doubled that bet and the game starts over. If the throw results in a two, three, or a 12, the pass line bet is lost, and this is known as “Crapping Out.” Often, you are able to bet that the dice will crap out rather than not, which also has an even payout. In the variation “Crapless Craps,” if there’s a crap out in the first roll, it doesn’t count and the thrower gets to go again. If the number four, five, six, eight, nine, or 10 is thrown, the button is flipped, and the game continues.

When the Button is “On”

In this faze of the game, the button is flipped from the off side and pushed to the point number, which is whatever the number the dice landed on that didn’t Crap Out or win the Pay Line. Now, the dice are thrown until the thrower throws either the point number, which wins the pass line bet and ends the game, or throws a seven, which loses the pass line bet and ends the game.

Other Information

You can bet on the dice landing on exact numbers, like two ones, also known as “Snake Eyes,” as well as different point numbers. These all have their own payouts, and the beauty of placing bets online is that each of these payouts are clearly presented. Another advantage of online play is the fact that you cannot place bets on areas that you cannot place bets on depending on the flip of the button, as the program won’t allow it. That means that you have a pressure free atmosphere, which you probably won’t find at your average land-based casino.

Let the Dice Fly!

Try out this favourite and discover why it’s one of the most exciting choices out there. Most of the online casinos offer it, and we have the greatest bonus codes to the best casinos so that you can play this game and many others with free money just for making deposits. There are also more variations of this casino classic than you can throw a pair of dice (or a single di) at, like High Point Craps, Crapless Craps, Die Rich Craps, New York Craps, and Simplified Craps.