Stravaganza Online Blackjack

Stravaganza is considered an online Blackjack variation, but it is pretty much its own game entirely. You are not trying to get as close to 21 as possible, which is pretty much what makes Blackjack Blackjack. In fact, a two card hand valued at 21 is considered a Blackjack, one of the game’s staples, but in this game, it is considered an okay hand. Read on to find out how to play this one of a kind betting software and claim Excellent Slots bonuses to play it right now!

How to Play

The Dealer gives you two cards after you place a bet in the play spot, and gives himself three cards facing down. Based on your two cards, you can decide whether you want to sit on them or play on. If you choose to play on, you place another bet equal to the first. If you sit, your two cards go up against the Dealer’s three, and if you play on, you get a third card. Aces are worth one, face cards ten, and number cards their face value. The cards of your final hand are added together and go against the Dealer’s. If your hand is valued at less than five, you can choose to take your wager back and play again. Between six and nine and you can walk away with half your wager rather than playing. The best possible hand is valued at 30, and results in a bonus payout. If the Dealer has a red Ace, they automatically win, no matter your hand value.

Bonus Payouts

If you get a three of a kind of fives through Kings, you are paid out three to one, and if you have three face cards, you not only most likely beat the Dealer, but you have a bonus payout of 1.5 to one. Bonus payouts are on top of your winnings, and you can receive two of them in one game, like if you have a three of a kind of queens. However, the payouts are only based on the initial play bet. Insert a chip into the progressive payout slot and you qualify for some exciting win potential. You win that slowly increasing, gigantic number if your hand has three kings of hearts, and 10% of it when you have a three of a kind of any face card in the same suit. Three face cards not in the same suit pays out 100 to one, fives through tens 50 to one, and getting a hand worth 30 points pays out 10 to one. The thrilling prospects of this feature only add to its popularity.