Lucky Online Blackjack

Where regular Blackjack is a mixture between willingness to risk, some strategy, and a healthy dose of luck, Lucky Blackjack eliminates the first two ingredients and puts all its eggs into the luck basket. You don’t even really need to know how Blackjack works, but it is helpful to understand the basic gameplay to properly gauge your chances of winning and where to put those chips down. Read on to find out how this game can result in some winnings galore. Lucky Blackjack is set up unlike any other variation of Blackjack, truly becoming its own entity, separate from the classic card game entirely. Play this game and many others at the best online casinos on the web, and at Excellent Slots we have the highest bonus codes to all of them!!


You place chips in the different bet areas on the felt of the table. In regular Blackjack, you are going up against the Dealer with your hand, but you do not receive a hand in this one. Instead of betting on whether or not you are going to win, you are simply betting on what the Dealer’s hand is going to be. This takes the pressure off of you, but also makes the suspense all the more nail biting, because once the chips are in place, you have no control over the end result. The best you can do is rub your rabbit foot for a little luck.


The Ace card is worth either one or 11, but the Dealer will not receive another card if they have an Ace and a six card, because they have to stand on a soft or a hard 17 either way, and any hand value higher. The face cards are worth 10 and the number cards are their face value. A ten card or a face card coupled with an Ace in the first two cards is a Blackjack. A hand valued at 21 that consists of three or more cards would apply to the 21 betting area. If the Dealer’s first two cards are valued at 16 or less, the Dealer will hit until they get to 17 or higher, or go over 21 and “Bust.” In normal Blackjack, the Dealer busting makes you a winner, and here, if you bet on the bust, you win just the same!


If you place a bet in one of the seven areas, you receive that payout. In order of highest to lowest, betting that the Dealer will bust pays out two to one. Betting that the Dealer will have a hand value of 20 results in a four to one payout, and a 17 pays out five to one. The 18 and the 19 pay out six to one, and the 21 spot pays out 12 to one. The highest payout is the Blackjack bet, and this pays out 19 to one!