Online Blackjack Reviews

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the world, either online, at a real life casino, or in the privacy of ones home for money or for fun. People enjoy it because it is fast paced, easy to play, fun to get better at, and can result in some exciting wins. But why choose online Blackjack over the other card games, much less over the near endless amount of other betting options available to you online? And why have we at Excellent Slots decided to dedicate an entire section to playing this card game over the Internet and the many variations it has inspired? The only way to find out is to keep reading!

Online Blackjack is one of those casino lobby staples, a classic that has been a large part of what makes the modern day betting world what it is today. We have the bonuses and the links to the best online casinos around, alongside all the details on all the different variations.

Playtech claims to be the number one largest provider of gaming software in the world. Founded in 1999, their massive portfolio has gone beyond being accessible on a desktop and is now cross-platform compatible, so that you can play and win on the go. Their Blackjack variations do not disappoint in terms of the eclectic amount of options, realism, graphics, and widespread availability. They also regularly produce new variations of this betting style and many others, their creative team impressing online casinos and their gamers alike all over the world. Join the thousands that have already become loyal players of this highly secure, trusted, and favourite company.

Realtime Gaming (RTG) is one of those companies that powers entire casinos, as well as supplies games to many others. Their Blackjack games are well liked for their high quality, fluid graphics, animation, and sound effects, alongside exciting additions like Progressive Jackpots, much like their highly popular Slot options. Their network is exceedingly secure and trusted, the company only dealing with reputable online casinos to further customer confidence. They also regularly produce variations of games, including Blackjack and the many others they have come to release. RTG is one of Excellent Slots’ favourites, and we hope they will become one of yours as well.

There are not just three software companies making games for online casinos. The demand is simply too high for that to make sense. With how popular betting online has become coupled with the demand for new takes on Blackjack, starting up a new software company is almost as common as starting up a new online casino, and it’s much easier to manage if you have the creativity, security, and quality that gamers and casinos have come to expect. Some of the Blackjack suppliers are only available at a specific casino, others being the sole providers of specific casinos with their games available elsewhere, and some online casinos simply create their own games themselves. Excellent Slots can point you in the direction of all the best ones, and give you bonus codes as, well, an added bonus!