Online Bingo

Most children that grew up in English-speaking countries know the traditional song of “Bingo Was His Name-O,” and which came first is kind of like the chicken and the egg, although games similar to Bingo were played in Europe before the song was conceived. Today, it has become one of the most well-known betting options in the world. To give you an idea of how ingrain it is in modern day culture, many areas in the United States have made betting for money illegal, but still allow places like churches to host Bingo, where players place money down for boards for the chance to win both prizes and cash payouts. Read on to find out what makes it a one-of-a-kind choice, and a favourite among players of all ages.

The Board

Each player is given at least one board, which is set up like a grid. At the top, there are the letters BINGO going from left to right along a row. Underneath them are numbers going down their own column. Each letter gets their own, randomly generated set of five numbers, and not necessarily in order of highest to lowest or lowest to highest. In the B column are the numbers 1 through 15. In the I column are 16-30, the G column 46-60, and the O column 61-75. In the middle of the board and in the N column is a “Free Space,” where all players can automatically place a marker down no matter what the ball drawing.

The Ball Drawing

Out of a cage of mixed balls, the announcer will call out different letter and number combinations, and players will place markers down on the applicable areas if they have it on their board. Say the announcer calls out “B 12.” Those with the number 12 in their B column can place a marker on that space, and those that do not have that spot wait until the next ball is announced, and so on. Eventually, someone will have what is called “Bingo,” and they shout out “Bingo” to let the caller know that someone has won. When this occurs, the win is verified and the prize is given. If more than one person has a Bingo at the same time, the prize is distributed evenly.

The Object of the Game

Normally, Bingo is achieved based on markers covering all five spaces of a row, column, or diagonally. However, there are several different variations of this method, especially when playing Bingo online. Two of the more common variations are the “Four Corners” and “Blackout.” Four Corners is the upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right corners covered, and Blackout is when every single box of the board is covered. You will often find very different combinations of spaces that are required to win online, which can be completely random combination of boxes of the board, each player going for that same combination.

Other Information

More often than not, you are given more than one board to play with. Sometimes everyone is given a set number, like four boards at once, or you can buy as many boards as you like, although there is usually a maximum number. The payout prize is usually determined by the “Pot,” or how much money all the players have put down. The house will take a percentage of some kind, and the rest is paid out to the winner(s). There are also instances where you can win prizes, like TVs and other valuable products.


This is the type of game that everyone should try at least once, and many people will act with surprise if you tell them that you have never played it before. It’s fun when playing with friends and family at home, and even more exciting when you’re playing for big money online. Check out all the excellent bonuses at Excellent Slots to the best online casinos out there and give this classic choice a try!