Download vs No Download Casinos

There are two different options that are offered at a number of online casinos, although not all offer players the choice. The choice is between either download, or no download, or web based online casinos. When players have a choice between the download and no download options, it is helpful to understand the pros and cons, or advantages and disadvantages, of each choice before making a decision.

Web Based or No Download Online Casinos

Web based or no download online casinos can be played on any computer, that has a compatible web browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. Players will play the online casino games via their web browser, and will not need to download the online casino onto their hard drives. However, a browser plug-in, such as the Flash plug-in from Adobe, or the Java plug-in may need to be downloaded. Downloading plug-ins should be fairly quick and simple, and it is possible that the computer may already have these plug-ins downloaded for other purposes.

Web based online casinos are useful for players who use Mac or Linux computers because most online casino software will not be compatible with their computers. If a player does not have a good Internet connection, game play can be painfully slow and the screen can freeze when playing via a web browser. For this reason, these players may prefer to use the downloadable version of the online casino.

Software Download for Online Casinos

When using a download casino, the player needs to download the online casino software to the hard drive of their computer. The software will directly connect, via the Internet to the online casino’s service provider, and players will not be using a web browser to do this. Dowload casinos are often faster than no download casinos, especially where the Internet is sluggish. Players will often enjoy speed and better graphics in download casinos since the information is all saved on their hard drive. While most online casinos have fairly quick installation processes, some will take longer than others. Players will also need to do occasional upgrades to the software. Players need a high enough Internet speed, and enough free hard disk space in order to download an online casino. While some may be worried about malware being downloaded with the online casino, players who download reputable South African online casinos, such as those found on Excellent Slots will be able to avoid this problem.