Online Slot Rules

While online casino slot games are the simplest of online casino games, apart from the online casino scratch card games that are offered at many online casinos, there are some basics that players should know before they begin. Essentially, players can begin play immediately, although they will do a bit better if they have some knowledge of online casino slots rules. While the online casino software will do most of what needs to be done for you when it comes to online casino slot games, with the many extra features that are now available on slot machine games, it is worth learning a little bit about the slots before diving into your first spin! Players can choose the free games option to try out a number of online casino games before playing them for real money.

Online Slots Coin Values

Although players deposit their own currencies into their online casino accounts, when playing slots, the coin values are not determined according to the regular coin values that players use in the real world, but rather they are determined according to what each slot game is offering. Usually a game comes with a range of coin values that players can choose from. Players will first choose the value of the coin that they wish to use and then will choose the number of coins that they wish to bet on each payline. This means that a player can choose a coin with a value of 10c and can choose the number of coins as five coins. This means that the player has just placed a wager of 50c.

Rules for Slots Variations

Players will understand the various slot games better when they see the slightly different rules that are associated with the different variations that are shown below.

  • Multiplier Slots operate on the premise that the more coins that are played, the greater the payout will be. For example, if a player gets three winning symbols and a single coin has been wagered, they will receive R1. If the player gets the same three symbols but has wagered five coins, the payout will be R5, and not R3 as some might expect.

  • Multiline Slots have a number of potentially winning paylines. The paylines will only pay out when they have been activated by the player. This means that a payline only pays out when a bet has been placed on it. The paylines in multiline slots can be seen in any direction, including zigzags, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal.

  • Progressive Slots are different to regular slot games in that they do not have a fixed jackpot amount. The progressive slot jackpot will continue to grow in size until it is hit. This jackpot will only be won if the player is playing the maximum bet and hits the winning combination. When the jackpot is hit, the online casino, or the software provider will seed the jackpot with a set starting amount. There are some progressives that are seeded with a million!

Special Online Slots Symbols and Features

There are a number of special slots symbols and features that can be found when playing online casino slots games. While there are many symbols and special features, the following are some that are often seen. These include wilds and scatters, free spins and bonus games.

  • Wild Symbols take the place of other symbols, although they do not replace the scatter symbol. When they take the place of other symbols, they help crate more winning combinations.

  • Scatter Symbols normally trigger other special features or payouts. They may lead to a bonus game or to free spins, with each slot game having its own formula of how many are needed, and what they will trigger.

  • Free Spins are very popular with online casino video slots players. When a scatter symbol activates a bonus round that offers free spins, players are offered to take a specified number of spins for free. Many free spins rounds come with a number of extra bonuses, multipliers and other features.

  • Bonus Games are triggered during play in the main slot game. When there are second screen bonus games, it is as if there is a second game that is found inside the original slot game. All bonus games have their own features and offers, with some being very simple and others a bit more complicated.