Best Slots Bonus Offerings

Slot machine games have become more and more popular and one of the reasons for this is the addition of slots bonus rounds and games. The bonus games that are offered to players not only provide an additional element to the entertainment of the slot game, they also add additional opportunities for winning and essentially add a game that is more exciting than just pressing on the ‘spin’ button. Players who wish to play South African online casino video slots should take a moment to become familiar with what is being offered.

On Screen Slots Bonus Games

Some games only offer the on screen bonus games that are found on the same screen that the main slots game is played on. These games are usually simple and may have players pick a prize from a choice of symbols or icons. These games, although simple, can be quite lucrative, depending on the prizes offered. Players usually need to get a minimum of three of the same symbols across the reels in order to trigger these bonus games.

Second Screen Slots Bonus Games

This is a slots bonus game that takes place on a second screen. The reels screen disappears during this game, and players will be returned to it later. The second screen is specially designed for the slots bonus game, and players will find that some of the best slots bonus games are found on a second screen. The different view allows for additional animations and backgrounds, and these games are not only filled with bigger or additional rewards, but are also far more entertaining than single screen slot games.

Free Spin Slots Bonus Games

One of the most popular features that is found in online casino slots games is the free spins bonus feature. Free spins can appear in any kind of slot game and on any screen. Players may be awarded with only one free spin or a large number of free spins. Sometimes free spins have a set number and other times, they can be retriggered, giving players unlimited free spins if they are lucky enough to hit the right symbol combinations. Free spins may come with multipliers or other special features, such as additional wilds or expanding wilds.

Progressive Slots Bonus Games

Online casino progressive slot jackpots are one of the best slots bonuses around. The progressive jackpots will continue to grow until they are hit and when they are, the prizes can be quite lucrative. When playing progressives, make sure to following the correct betting guidelines in order to be eligible for a major win, such as betting the max bet.

Slots Skill-Based Bonus Rounds

While basic slots do not require any special skills, it is possible to be offered a skill-based bonus round, although the skills required are not usually ones that need to be learned. Players may simply need quick reflexes as they have to ‘catch’ symbols that appear on the screens.