Online Slots Academy

At Excellent Slots South Africa, we want our players to have the best of the best. The best chances at winning, and the best online casino slots to choose from. If you want the best from your slots gaming, look no further than our special Academy. You may be looking for some hot slots tips, or perhaps how to find the best slots games for you. As a new player, you may be looking for slots rules, and as a veteran player, you may want a quick reminder of all you need to know about slots.

The Excellent Slots Academy offers you all you need to know from how to play slots, slots news, slots bonuses, and more. Players will be able to find out where to play their favourite slots and how to choose them. The game reviews will give both new and veteran slots players plenty food for thought, and enough information to make informed slots choices. The Academy will help you to gain the slots confidence you need to make the right choices and enjoy your chosen selection of slots. The more confident you are in your ability to place the right bets and make the right slots choices, the more fun your slots gaming sessions will be.

The Academy at Excellent Slots is your one stop slot information spot!

"How to"

Not only are slots games the easiest to learn to play, they are also the most fun, especially with the many slots themes that are available. Essentially, if you have played one slot game, you can play others. Play is easy and all that players need to do is place their wagers, press the spin button, and sit back and wait to see if you have hit any prizes. Players do need to become familiar with the rules of the games, since there may be bonus game rules and different betting options. All you need to do is learn how to wager, choose your theme, choose your slot game, and begin play.

Slot Basics

Although slots started out as a small industry more than 100 years ago, with three reels and no computer in sight, the game is still played in much the same way. As the slots market has grown, and so has technology, the slots market quite naturally grew along with the available technology. Players can now play more advanced video slots games with a huge variety of themes, and Random Number Generators ensuring that the spins are indeed random. The prizes may be bigger now, but the game is still based on luck, and is played by spinning the reels and seeing if the symbols randomly find their way to a winning combination.